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Endorsement of Licence

Necessary documents required for the endorsement of license
  • Endorsement Form (Form-D)
  • Copy of CNIC
  • 2 Passport size photographs
  • Medical certificate (issued by authorized medical practitioner)
  • Medical Fitness Certificate (only for the candidates of the age of 50 years or above)
  • Original learner permit (at least 42 days within validity period)
  • Previous license
  • Relevant ticket(s)
  • Rs. 180 on STR form have to be deposited in the branch after passing the test.
Fee schedule for endorsement of license
    Ticket of Rs.
  Motor Cycle 550
  Motor Car 900
  Motor Cycle/ Motor Car 950
  LTV 900
  Motor Cycle/ LTV 950
  Tractor Agriculture 300
  Tractor Commercial 600
  LTV + PSV 950
  HTV 1200
  HTV + PSV 1200
  Motor Cycle Rickshaw 600
  Motor Cycle + Motor Cycle Rickshaw 650