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Offences & Penalties

No Challaning Officer is authorized to take fine on the spot. Fine can only be deposited in the designated branches of the National Bank of Pakistan. Offences and penalties schedule is as follows:
Amendment in Twelfth Schedule of Ordinance XIX of 1965
"Twelfth schedule Violations and Penalties"
Code Violations Fines
Motorcycle/Scooter Motor Car/Jeep etc. Public Service Vehicles/  Private or Public Carrier
1. Exceeding prescribed speed limit Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.750
2. Carrying passengers in a public service vehicle exceeding permissible
- Rs.500 Rs.750
3. Violation of traffic signals(Electronic/Manua
Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.1000
4. Overloading a goods vehicle - Rs. 500 Rs.500
5. Driving a motor vehicle at night without proper lights Rs.200 Rs.300 Rs.500
6. Driving a motor vehicle on the wrong side of the road Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.750
7. Driving a motor vehicle with
tinted/covered glasses
- Rs.500 -
8. Violation of line/lane/zebra crossing etc. Rs.200 Rs.300 Rs.500
9. Plying a motor vehicle where and when prohibited Rs.200 Rs.300 Rs.750
10. Obstructing traffic Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.1000
11. Reckless and negligent driving Rs.300 Rs.500 Rs.1000
12. Driving a motor vehicle without a driving licence Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.1000
13. Using a pressure horn, musical horn or using any other horn in a silence zone Rs.200 Rs.200 Rs.750
14. Emitting excessive smoke Rs.200 Rs.300 Rs.750
15. Driving an urregistered motor vehicle Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.1000
16. Driving in violation of age limit Rs.300 Rs.500 Rs.1000
17. Driving a motor vehicle without fitness certificate - - Rs.1000
18. Driving without or in violation of conditions of route permit - - Rs.1000
19. Riding a two wheel motorcycle without crash helmet Rs.200 - -
20. Pillion riding by more than two persons Rs.300 - -
21. Use of hand-held mobile phone while driving Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.1000
22. Non-fastening of seatbelt while driving on a notified road - Rs.500 Rs.750
23. Violation of parking rules Rs.200 Rs.500 Rs.1000
24. Violation of any other provision of the ordinance or the rules made there under punishable under section 112 Rs.200 Rs.300 Rs.500