Meeting held about Traffic Management Situation and Performance of Traffic Regions in Punjab.

A meeting was held at Traffic HQrs: Punjab under the chairmanship of the Addl. Inspector General of Police Traffic Punjab to review traffic management situation and performance of Traffic Regions in Punjab. The Deputy inspector General of Police, Punjab, Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan, 9 Regional Superintendents of Police, Traffic and DSPs from 31 districts were also present in the meeting. The Addl. Inspector General of Police Traffic Punjab, Altaf Hussain said the traffic accidents are a major cause of deaths among 15 to 40 years old persons in Punjab. Despite being aware of the traffic laws, citizens regularly violate them leading to a large number of traffic mishaps. Eliminating these acts of irresponsibility is our first priority, he added. He further said meetings should be conducted with religious scholars to discuss the prospect of including the subject of traffic laws from an Islamic point of view in the Friday prayer sermons. He added that the main cause of accidents, involving slow moving vehicles, is the absence of reflectors in the vehicles. He instructed the regional SPs to conduct campaigns to ensure that such vehicles are equipped with reflectors. Expressing concern over the increasing accidents involving motorcycles, the Addl. Inspector General of Police Traffic Punjab said that strict action would be taken against those who ride bikes carelessly and don’t wear helmets. Furthermore, he instructed police officials to cooperate with the departments concerned to ensure that joint checking on highways to curb traffic accidents, should become a routine process.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015